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Title: 06-Brainstormx

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Hello, nice that you visit APARAZA.

The Album has now 10 titles and is about 50 minutes long. With its genetical sounds a real good mixture of Pop, Rock, Chillout and Trance.

The Percussions BandLap-Steel guitars, Stratocaster Custom, Andromeda and a lots of further legendary synthesizer were used for this production.

ChillOut with Genoem?
Oh, yes. Close your eyes and enjoy the emotional mood. I myself like to hear the Album in the evenings lying on my sofa, before I go to bed. So the stress of the day can drain away and then I feel good.

I would also be pleased about a link to this page.

Have a good time with GENOEM.


Title: mamoron, groove, time, nirvana, back to the roots, brainstormx, emotions, dreamer, ocean waves, atlantis. > Rock, POP, Dance, Trance und ChillOut.

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How it began:

With the age of 13 I founded my first Band - The Percussions - near by Stuttgart (Germany). The Beatles have just captured Germany and so it happened, that we were just known as the German Beatles. Some years later I played with the "Lions" in Stuttgart and after the Beat came the Soul and the Blues. Then it was over and done with the music. Endless years later I have decided to have a Studio and to start again with the music. APARAZA. But now alone and only my style. And so I made many songs and also the Album GENOEM. Genetical, practical, good.

Rock, POP, Dance, Trance und ChillOut.

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